Living and Eating with Type-1 Diabetes


About the site

This site is a perpetual collection of recipes, ideas, and helpful information on living your life to the fullest while also being  carbohydrate conscious and without gluten . Most of the recipes are mine,  some of them are from others, and some are others that I have modified to be gluten free! I am also a Type 1 diabetic so a large portion of the recipes are carb friendly as well!

About me

My name is Megan and I decided to go gluten free on January 1st of this year. I hit a rough patch with my health after a serious accident, so  I made this decision to live a healthier lifestyle. Although I am not positive for celiac disease I am certainly gluten intolerant. I am also a Type 1 Diabetic and cutting out most carbohydrates has made a big difference in managing my blood sugars.  1 in every 10 Type 1 diabetics are diagnosed with celiac disease compared to 1 in 100 in the general population, which is still a huge number of people living with celiac. That number also only effects the people who have been properly diagnosed, imagine how many others are affected and do not know it.  I know that since the first of the year I am feeling a million times better.

Since going gluten free in January made me feel so much better I have since gone even further and adopted more of a primal way of eating. Still gluten free but also cutting way back on the carbohydrates. As a type one diabetic this has done amazing things for my blood sugars. As and added bonus I have also been losing weight! I am making better choices and keeping my carbohydrate count under 50g per day. I have been losing about 3 lbs a week.
The best part about this lifestyle change has been in the way I feel. I have lots of energy  and my mind feels sharper. The energy level has lead me to exercise more and in general I feel great!